Camping at Montaña De Oro State Park

Eric and I went camping this weekend with a couple of our friends at Montaña de Oro State Park which is outside of Moro Bay. We had a great camp dinner of chili, roasted tomatoes, and blue corn bread. (One of our friends is an excellent camp chef!) CampThe waves were huge though – so we did not go surfing. Instead we looked at tide pools, searched for Pacific cost jade, and watched the huge waves rolling through.  The 101 South opened Sunday and we were one of the first cars able to pass through Santa Barbara/Montecito on the way home. So sad to see the destruction – but heartwarming to see the love and hard work of the community pulling together.




FAQ’s About our Ford Transit Connect Camper

During our travels we have met lots of people who are really interested in our Ford Transit Connect rig. Now that we are back in California, we still get lots of questions from people who are thinking of getting a new van.

Here are some the questions we get most frequently.

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Such a Lovely Place


La Pastora Wave
Eric on a wave at La Pastora
The last few days we have been camping on a beach outside of a town called Todos Santos. There have been big waves for the last week…but on Friday in particular the swell was pretty huge. We got up 6 am to a pink sunrise and the sound of the waves crashing into the beach. Just from the sound we knew it was going to be massive. Like in California, the wind tends to pick up in the afternoon here, so we have learned that it is best to surf as early as possible.

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Smallest Wave Contest


Eric and I spent Christmas in Scorpion Bay which is known for having some of the best long boarding waves in the world. However, Scorpion Bay is really more of a summer spot that likes south swell. When we got there it was too small to surf…but that didn’t stop us from going out!

As we pulled into Scorpion Bay we saw signs for the Cowabunga Bar, Grill, and Bungalows. With a name like that, we knew we had to check it out. We immediately booked a Cowabunga bungalow and were glad that we did! The owners of the place, Mike and Choli, have crafted reasonably priced haven for the surfing set. I would look forward to coming back some day when I knew the waves would be good.

The Wall

Two surfers ripping airs on the inside of The Wall
Two surfers ripping airs on the inside of The Wall

Last week we decided to do an extended surf expedition out to a spot called The Wall. However, getting to The Wall can be pretty difficult – so we decided to gear up at a town called Guerrero Negro and then head out on a day when when we knew the waves and the weather would be good.

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Cargo Box for the Van’s Roof Rack

We have taken another step towards getting our 2015 Transit Connect expedition-ready. Over the weekend we added a cargo box to the roof of the van. While there is definitely a lot of space on the roof of the van currently – we want to have room for surfboards and a solar panel. Therefore, we actually decided to go with a smaller Thule Sidekick.

Blueprint of roof of van

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