FAQ’s About our Ford Transit Connect Camper

During our travels we have met lots of people who are really interested in our Ford Transit Connect rig. Now that we are back in California, we still get lots of questions from people who are thinking of getting a new van.

Here are some the questions we get most frequently.

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The Off-Roading Test: Ford Transit Connect



As we have been driving around Baja, many people have been interested in our little Ford Transit Connect van. We have gotten a lot of questions about what its capabilities are. So, I thought I would write a post for people curious about how our van has been performing as a Baja mobile.

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The Wall

Two surfers ripping airs on the inside of The Wall
Two surfers ripping airs on the inside of The Wall

Last week we decided to do an extended surf expedition out to a spot called The Wall. However, getting to The Wall can be pretty difficult – so we decided to gear up at a town called Guerrero Negro and then head out on a day when when we knew the waves and the weather would be good.

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Northern Parts Baja California

We have spent the last week exploring Baja California Norte. Our van has performed very admirably and we have really enjoyed sleeping in the van when it has been windy or foggy near the beach! Here is a run down of the places we have travelled and some of the campsites we have stayed at so far.  We chose these campsites below based either off of recommendations from our travel books, friends, or fellow travelers.

Cuatro Casas: We stayed here our second night in Mexico. Several of our friends had recommended this spot to us as a great right swinging point break. To get here we passed through the town of San Telmo and then took a right on an inconspicuous dirt road off Highway 1 (which is the main highway running the length of Baja.) The road was a bit sandy at points – but we were able to make it through just fine with our van.

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