Ford Transit Connect Camper

Two years ago converted our 2015 Ford Transit Connect from a cargo van into a tiny camper van. This style of van is common throughout Europe, and becoming more an more popular throughout the U.S. Almost everyday people ask us how we like the Ford Transit Connect, and what we did to make it into a camper van. Here are some of my top blog posts on the subject.

FAQ’s About our Ford Transit Connect Van:

During our travels we have met lots of people who are really interested in our Ford Transit Connect rig. Now that we are back in California, we still get lots of questions from people who are thinking of getting a new van. Some answers to the questions we get most frequently.

Why did we choose a Ford Transit Connect?:

Explanation of why we chose the 2015 Ford Transit Connect to create our adventure van.

The Off-Roading Test-Ford Transit Connect:

While the Ford Transit Connect was probably never designed to go off-road, we have managed to take it to a fair number of off-road locations as we have explored the Baja peninsula.

Surf Testing the Ford Transit Connect:

Post about packing surfboards into our empty van. We are able to fit a 10′ longboard on the inside.

Van Conversion Top Tips:

Describes general concepts to keep in mind if you are planning on converting a cargo van into a camper van.F

Packed to the Scuppers:

Pictures showing almost everything we have packed into the van with us. Also a time-lapse video of us putting everything away again. You can fit a lot into a small space if you are organized!


Links to some pages that served as inspiration as we were designing our Ford Transit Connect camper.

Adding a Platform:

Details the process that we went through to add a platform to the interior of the van. We sleep on top of the platform, and store boxes with our personal items underneath the platform.

Adding a Cargo Box:

Description of the Thule Sidekick cargo box that we added to our van.

Blueprint of roof of van
Layout for the roof of the 2015 Ford Transit Connect Camper: awning, storage box, solar panel, and of course, surf board

Solar Power Basics:

Post 1 of 2 on the van’s solar power. Explains some of the basic concepts involved in running a solar system and describes the components of the solar system we used in our van.

Installing a Solar Panel on our Ford Transit Connect:

Post 2 of 2 on the van’s solar power. Describes the process we went through to secure the solar panel to the roof and wire it to the battery box.