Cargo Box for the Van’s Roof Rack

We have taken another step towards getting our 2015 Transit Connect expedition-ready. Over the weekend we added a cargo box to the roof of the van. While there is definitely a lot of space on the roof of the van currently – we want to have room for surfboards and a solar panel. Therefore, we actually decided to go with a smaller Thule Sidekick.

Blueprint of roof of van

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Why did we choose a Ford Transit Connect?

We have had our 2015 Ford Transit Connect for a few weeks now, and quite a few people have asked how we like the van and why we got it. I thought I would write a post on the pros and cons of each of the vans and trucks that we looked at.

Ford Transit Connect

  • Best gas mileage of the options
  • Approximately same price point as a Toyota Tacoma – but possible to find vehicles with much fewer miles on the engine
  • Fewer interior configurations: cargo style only has two seats; wagon style has 7 seats; no 4 seat option
  • Medium amount of interior cargo space – the newest model has just enough for us both to lie down comfortably

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Simpleco Shelves for Ford Transit Connect

We are converting our Ford Transit Connect into a camper van. As I mentioned in my last post – we are trying to maximize storage while maintaining interior sleeping space. We are trying to do all this without weighing down the van too much with heavy materials.

Image of feet in van
We are able to lie in the2015 Ford Transit Connect with our feet under the Simpleco Shelving Unit

We decided that we would need an interior shelving unit for the van. In order to maintain the most space for sleeping, we decided we wanted a shelving option that would be suspended above the interior platform. The reason we don’t want shelves bolted to the platform of the van is because this would take up approximately 12 inches on the platform on each side. Because we plan on sleeping inside the van, this is precious space that we did not want to give up.

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Surf Testing the 2015 Ford Transit Connect Van

Surfboards in back of van
7’6, 5’10, and a 9’6 softop in the back of 2015 Ford Transit Connect, with room to spare

Before a vehicle hits the road, it undergoes a battery of tests to ensure it will perform optimally under a variety of conditions.

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