FAQ’s About our Ford Transit Connect Camper

During our travels we have met lots of people who are really interested in our Ford Transit Connect rig. Now that we are back in California, we still get lots of questions from people who are thinking of getting a new van.

Here are some the questions we get most frequently.

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The Off-Roading Test: Ford Transit Connect



As we have been driving around Baja, many people have been interested in our little Ford Transit Connect van. We have gotten a lot of questions about what its capabilities are. So, I thought I would write a post for people curious about how our van has been performing as a Baja mobile.

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Auto Insurance for Driving Through Mexico

For the next leg of our journey, Eric and I have decided to take our Ford Transit Connect down to Baja. At this point we plan to drive down to the tip of the peninsula – taking our time to surf, snorkel, hike, and eat along the way. While we plan to spend a couple of months on the trip, we realize that conditions can quickly become unstable or even dangerous in Mexico.

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Installing a Solar Panel on our Ford Transit Connect

Solar Panel Covered in CardboardThis is the second of two posts on adding a solar power to our Ford Transit Connect. This post will focus on the process of actually installing the solar panel.  

The first rule in installing a solar panel is to always make sure that the panel is completely covered while you are working with it. As long as the panel is exposed to light, it is producing electricity. To prevent a shock, our first step was to make sure the panel was covered in cardboard until it was fully installed.

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Solar power basics

Before getting a solar panel for our van I didn’t have very much experience with solar energy. Luckily my boyfriend has both theoretical and practical experience with installing solar panels, and he has explained some of the basics to me. So I thought I would write two posts about the installation and use of solar panels for our Ford Transit Connect.  This first post will explain some of the basics that are needed to run a solar system. (Of course, any errors in this post are my own!) The next post will be go through the specific steps we took to install the panel onto the roof rack of our van. 

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A Folding Kitchen

My last day of work is this Thursday. Starting next week, my boyfriend and I will be gearing up and heading out in our van in our cross-country trip to Northern Maine. (I will write a post on our plan and proposed route soon!) As a going away present, my colleagues gave me a folding camp kitchen and a camp lantern today.

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2015 Ford Transit ConnectAs we have been getting further along in the van conversion process I have found a few interesting van conversion kits. Most of the products do not seem to be available in the US – but these systems have given me some great ideas for our DIY conversion. I thought I would provide some links for others to be vanspired.

The BuddyBox

This system from Germany is comprised of several modules that are sold separately and can be attached to the floor of van. Not all of these models are available just yet – however, the designer plans a cookBuddy for food preparation, a washBuddy that has sink unit, a spaceBuddy storage unit, a pottyBuddy, and a fridgeBuddy. This seems to be a sturdy and well conceived system.

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