Swimming with Sea Lions

Tessa Free Diving
Tessa Free Diving

Eric and I have a couple of friends who recently got interested in free diving. We were excited to show them the ropes, and so when we saw that the visibility was good this weekend we took them to our favorite spot in Malibu. All us geared up and swam out to a rocky prominence about 400 feet from the shore. On our first dive down from the surface, a pair of curious seal lions came out and started swimming around us.  It was almost like they thought we were another pod of seal lions and they were checking us out to see if we were competition. When they saw we weren’t nearly so agile as they were, they quickly lost interest in us and swam away. We kept going and saw lots of amazing fish.


On our way back to our car we saw a mother and baby dolphin close to shore and several whales in the distance.


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