FAQ’s About our Ford Transit Connect Camper

During our travels we have met lots of people who are really interested in our Ford Transit Connect rig. Now that we are back in California, we still get lots of questions from people who are thinking of getting a new van.

Here are some the questions we get most frequently.

Ford Transit Connect Camper Van in Michoacan, Mexico
Ford Transit Connect right on the beach near La Ticla, Michoacan, Mexico


Do you sleep in it? Yup! The Ford Transit Connect is about the size of a minivan. The cargo version of the long wheel base van has about 75 inches of space behind the driver and passenger seat. (See here for the exact dimensions.) We used a bed frame to create simple platform in the cargo area. We sleep on top of the platform, and we store food, water, the battery for our solar panel, clothes, etc.  underneath. It is a little bit of a tight fit for two people, but as long as we keep in clean and organized we make it work.  Here is a little more info on how we made the platform.

Does it have a tent too? Yes we also installed an ARB Awning on the side of the van, and we can set up a tent that fits into the awning. We love this feature! We slept in the tent a lot when we were in the hot, humid areas of southern Mexico. It takes about 15 minutes to set up and take down, but it gives us more space, and is much cooler inside of the tent.

Ford Transit Connect with an ARB Awning and Tent
Ford Transit Connect with an ARB Awning and Tent

You have a solar panel? Yes we have a solar panel that charges a UPG Adventure Power 800 Watt battery. We don’t have a ton of space in the van, so we wanted something relatively small. After looking at some of the Goal Zero batteries, we decided that UPG Adventure Power had both the physical profile and power output we were looking for. Here is a little more info on how we installed the solar panel.

How many boards can you fit in the van? We can fit long boards up to 8’6 comfortably inside the van.  Boards larger than that, need to pass between the driver and passenger seat. When we are camping, we prefer to actually put boards on the roof, so they don’t get everything inside wet. Here are some more pics of boards in the van.

What do you do for food? We have a little camper stove and table that we set up outside the van to cook.

How was driving to the southern tip of Mexico and back? We were very careful about where and how we travelled in Mexico… and we ended up having a very good experience – with no major problems. We never drove at night and tried to always stay at official campgrounds.

How do you fit all your stuff? We store the majority of our stuff under the bed plat form that we built. When we were on the road we installed two shelves in the back of the van to hold more things. Basically we had to stay very organized…everything has its place.


2015 Transit Connect Conversion



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