Top 10 Favorite Pictures from Mexico!

#10 – View of the Sea of Cortez outside of Bahia Los Angeles, Baja California

Why I like it: This was our first view of the Sea of Cortez, after crossing the width of the Baja peninsula. The smaller islands look like beads on a necklace. We camped right on the beach and woke up to this amazing view.

#10 – View of the Sea of Cortez outside of Bahia Los Angeles, Baja California


#9 – Stone arch at the Wall surf spot, Baja California

Why I like it: This was a very remote surf spot we visited, at least 40 miles from the nearest town, 10 miles from the nearest road. Some surfers had piled rocks together into rudimentary walls to protect their campsites against the wind. Most of the rock walls were very simple, but this person put together a 4 arch structure without the use of any adhesives or supports! I love how someone was creative and skilled enough to put a piece of artwork together in such a remote and seemingly inhospitable  place.

Arch at the Wall surf spot, Baja California
#9 – Stone arch at the Wall surf spot, Baja California

#8 – Dreamcatchers in Sayulita, Nayarit 

Why I like it: Sayulita is a funky little town just north of Puerto Vallarta. The town had a great combination of waves, interesting people, bars/restaurants, and artesanias (crafts) made by people from the Huichol tribe. This picture captures for me the Huichol fascination with color along with the vibrancy of Sayulita.

Dream catchers, Sayulita
#8 – Dreamcatchers in Sayulita, Nayarit

#7 – Sunset outside of Tecoman, Michoacan

Why I like it: This is the entrancing tropical sunset picture of a turtle nesting beach that could be on the cover of a resort brochure.  However, the picture definitely was not taken at a resort. It was taken at a struggling ecotourism development in the troubled state of Michoacan. Eric and I were clearly the only tourists to have visited in months…and the development ran out of water to flush the toilets halfway through the evening! We left early the next morning and drove quickly through the rest of Michoacan.

Sunset outside of Tecoman, Michoacan
#7 – Sunset outside of Tecoman, Michoacan

#6 – The Palacio at Palenque, Chiapas

Why I like it: I like the moodiness of the clouds. It enhances the feeling of mystery and ancient history. I also like that I was able to take this shot from the top of a different pyramid, looking down, and that I was able to capture the shot without any other visitors in the scene.

Palacio - Palenque
#6 – The Palacio at Palenque, Chiapas

#5 – Sand Dunes at Cielito Lindo, Baja California.

Why I like it: The king tide had made it difficult to get to the beach from the campground where we were staying. We had to ford a little creek to get down to the ocean. This meant that Eric (the small figure in the background) and I were the only people on the beach for miles around.

Sand dunes at Cielito Lindo
#5 – Sand dunes at Cielito Lindo, Baja California

#4 Still life of Artesanias (Crafts):

Why I like it: This is a picture of some of my favorite arts and crafts that we picked up in Mexico. I love the way the light bounces off the copper and the carved wooden eggs.

#4 – Still Life of Artesanias

#3 Metates in Oaxaca, Oaxaca

Why I like it:  As we were walking back from lunch, we turned into a random hacienda in Oaxaca and stumbled upon this collection of metates. A metate is a tool used to grind corn kernels down into flour that can be used to make tortillas. Each bowl is a slightly different shape because each grinding stone is a slightly different shape. I love this picture because it conjures for me labor as well as the magic associated with domesticating corn and creating food.

Oaxaca - Metates

#2 Lover’s & Divorce Beach at Cabo San Lucas as from above, Baja California

Why I like it: We took a little boat from Cabo San Lucas to see Lover’s Beach as well as the rock formations which Cabo is known for. As we were exploring the beach I noticed a small trail that climbed up a very steep hill. The trail took me to an overlook that had amazing views of the city and of the beach below. I like this shot because millions of people visit Cabo San Lucas every year… and visit this very beach. But hiding in plain sight was a trail that was a little more difficult to take, which affords an amazing perspective of the area.

Divorce Beach
#2 – Lover’s and Divorce beach at Cabo San Lucas from above, Baja California

#1 – Eric surfing on New Years Eve with a humpback whale breaching in Todos Santos, Baja California

Why I like it: I mean…its pretty self explanatory. We were visiting the beach on New Years Eve – Eric went out surfing while I stayed on shore to take some pictures. After about an hour, several humpback whales started jumping and playing within a few hundred yards of shore. You could hear them slapping the water, and everyone on the beach and in the water stopped what they were doing to watch. Nobody caught any waves for 15 minutes because they were all watching the spectacle!

Todos Santos, Las Playitas
#1 – Eric surfing with a humpback whale in Todos Santos, Baja California





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