Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas from aboveWe have made it to Cabo, the southern most tip of the Baja Peninsula! Cabo is so different from the other cities and towns we have visited in Baja, it is hard to believe it is still in the same state.

Cabo feels very similar to Las Vegas. Many people seem to come here so they can throw off the restraints of daily life – and are willing to pay handsomely for the experience. Everywhere you turn there is a street vendor trying to push a cruise, nightclub, or restaurant. Frankly, we found the smaller town of Todos Santos to fit our travel style better, but of course we had to check out Cabo after coming all this way.

For our time here we found a beautiful extended stay hotel that features secured parking, continental breakfast, and a kitchen all for $35. The hotel is about a kilometer away from the marina and the main resorts – which is just fine by us as it is much less hectic here. I cooked a beef stew last night, and we watched Netflix; a welcome dose of normalcy after so many nights in the van.

This morning we went down to the marina and booked a water taxi to take us on a tour of the rock formations making up Land’s End. The most famous of the rock formations is El Arco, which is a huge rock arch rising directly from the water.

El Arco

The cliffs drop steeply into deep water with strong current, making it a perfect habitat for tropical fish, pelicans, and seal lions. After viewing the rock formations, we had the boat captain drop us off at Lover’s Beach.

Lover's Beach This is a small spit of sand in between the rocks on the Sea of Cortez side of the peninsula that is only accessible by boat. Eric swam a little at Lover’s Beach and then we walked over to Divorce Beach which is on the Pacific side of the peninsula. Divorce Beach has earned that name for the large and vicious waves that crash into the beach there.

Divorce Beach Wave

Walking around divorce beach, I noticed a little path that lead up the cliffs. So I put my hiking flip-flops on and scrambled up. From the top of the cliff I saw some beautiful views of Divorce Beach and the main town of Cabo.

Divorce Beach

Divorce Beach

Divorce Beach

The last photo in this series is my favorite. If you look closely, you can see Eric just barely visible on the beach. Even though there were about 25 tourists on Lover’s Beach – none had wandered over to Divorce Beach, so it looks like Eric is alone here on the beach.


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