Giving Thanks

I have had a little down time the last couple weeks as Eric finishes a journal article and we prepare to go down to Mexico. I have used that time to brush up on my Spanish (thanks Duolingo!) edit some shots from our cross country trip, and teach myself a few things on the computer. Here are a few pics that I have been working on, for some more of my images, check out my main site:

I have also had an opportunity to reflect on the last few months. In the spirit of Thanksgiving – I can only say that I am so incredibly thankful Eric and I have been able to take the opportunity to take some time to travel.

First off, I am grateful that we both have our health. I know that many people are unable to travel because they cannot go far from their local health care facilities and doctors.

I am grateful for both our families who have supported us, counseled us, and assisted us in countless ways. A supportive family provides me with so much peace of mind when I am on the road since I know they will always be there to help me if the need arises.

I am grateful that I am financially secure so that I can take this time away from the workforce to travel. Again, I realize that this is something that would be inconceivable for many people.

Finally, I am grateful for our friends who provided us with support, advice, and places to stay as we have traveled across the country. Having friends around the world definitely makes travel a lot easier!




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