Best Experiences from our Cross Country Van Trip

22988292865_6065e137bf_kThe best experience from our cross country van trip was getting out on hiking trails across the country. I love being in the outdoors exploring new places and exercising. After traveling all day in the van, hiking around outside became an extra special treat. Four hikes really stand out for me from our trip – it is hard for me to pick which was the best. Here is a quick summary of each:

  • Yosemite- Tamarack Flats to the Top of El Capitan: Topographic map YosemiteThe first memorable hike was when we hiked a little over 20 miles from Tamarack Flats to the top of El Capitan. We hardly saw anyone along the way as we climbed through beautiful forests. Unfortunately, it was difficult to see Half Dome from the top of El Cap due to smoke. It makes me want to go back and do the hike again some day!


  • Madawaska Cross Country Ski Trails: Madawaska Topographic MapThe next great hike was in Madawaska Maine. The winters can be very long and cold in Madawaska – so the town has come together to create a series of cross country skiing and snowshoeing trails just outside of town. We hiked those trails right as the leaves were changing, and it was absolutely spectacular.


  • Franconia Ridge Trail: Franconia Ridge Topographic MapThe third great hike was in New Hampshire – about two hours outside of Boston. We hiked along a waterfall for the first several miles, until we reached the top of Haystack Mountain where we climbed along a ridge with great views of trees with their leaves changing on either side.


  •  Devil’s Garden Loop at Arches National Park: Devils Garden Topographic MapThe last great hike we did was in Arches National Park. We woke up early and did a 7 mile run around the Devil’s Garden. It felt like we were in a fitness commercial as we were running around on the top the fins of the arches.



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