Portal into Santa Fe

As we continued back westward, we decided to visit my aunt Judy and her husband Ralph in Santa Fe. Judy used to run a clothing boutique on Canyon Road. While she no longer operates the boutique, she still owns the property and now rents the space out as an art gallery.  In addition to a gallery, the property also has a two story main house, and a one bedroom casita. We stayed in the charming casita.

Canyon Road is the cultural heart of Santa Fe. The one way road is lined with galleries and boutiques – with many of buildings and compounds dating back to the 1800s. Walking down Canyon Road is always exciting because of the historic architecture and the wide variety of sculpture and painting on display. We spent a couple of mornings exploring the art in galleries in and around Canyon Road.

A mile away from my aunt’s house is the downtown Georgia O’Keeffe museum. I really enjoyed learning how the Santa Fe landscape inspired this famous artist. My favorite O’Keeffe paintings are her landscapes from Northern New Mexico as well as her skull paintings. A mile away from my aunt’s house in the other direction is Museum Hill where five museums are clustered above the city. Judy showed me this great spot and we briefly stopped in on the Folk Art museum. The whimsical pieces on display made me want to create my own art!

IzanamiWhile in Santa Fe we also visited a traditional Japanese Bathhouse called 10,000 Waves. In addition to massages, we soaked in the hot springs and jumped in the cold pool. After that amazing experience we went to the Japanese restaurant on site called Izanami where we ate izakaya style. Izakaya is like the Japanese version of tapas – tasting so many different dishes was super fun! The highlight was cooking our strips of wagu beef on a hot rock.

Visiting with my aunt Judy and her husband Ralph was absolutely amazing. They treated us so well. We had some truly great conversations – talking late into the night over fine wines and spirits that Ralph shared with us. I loved hearing about all the adventures that Judy and Ralph have had. Judy’s free spirit and love of life is so apparent in everything she does.  It is definitely something I have always loved about her and want to emulate in my own life. We were so thankful for their generosity.



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