Heading South Again

Mt. KatadhinWe travelled south from Madawaska down a tree-lined corridor. Only a few old houses broke up the auburn and yellow trees flashing past. Passed by Mount Katahdin. It was dark and brooding – rising high above the forest. We rolled into a town called Bath, which had been known for building best and the biggest wooden schooners in America.

We visited the Maine Nautical Museum and saw a representation of the largest 6 masted schooner ever built. She was called the Wyoming. As tall as a sky scraper, she was hewn from wood by an army of men with expert skills in trades that no longer exist. The ship was a testament to the skills that have been made obsolete throughout human history.

Paused in Freeport: L.L. Bean, woolen sweaters, leather boots, sun-baked bricks, blue skies, lobster rolls. We continued south to Boston and lingered there. Passed an hour at Harvard’s Art Museum and another hour at its labyrinthine bookstore. Soaked in the bright sunshine in Harvard Square. Well-spiced Middle Eastern, Indian, and Thai restaurants provided a respite from cursory road meals. Biked from Cambridge across the river to the Museum of Fine Arts. Padded down the MFA’s halls under the gaze of Egytptian cartouches and Roman marbles. Felt engulfed by the bright colors and large scale of the contemporary art.

Best of all: met and laughed with local Boston friends. I was happy hear some Irish music, learn about a lasers at MIT, survey a glass-blowing class, hear stories from a clinic for the homeless, and be reminded of the lake near my home in Denver.

Hiked the Franconia Ridge Trail in New Hampshire. Loped past the crowds – up a waterfall and along a ridge that seemed to belong in Middle Earth. The leaves dotting the mountains seemed like the small brush strokes of an impressionistic painting. Picked our own apples next to a centuries old farmhouse at Brooksby apple orchard.

Continued south. Made the pilgrimage to Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven. Was challenged and surprised by an exhibit about global infrastructure at the Yale Architecture Gallery. The exhibit captured scale of the earth and our impact on it. Onward to New Jersey. Traded ideas, stories, and plans with a close friend. Slept in and relaxed at her house – it was so comfortable it felt like a hotel. It was great to take a little break before we got back on the road again.


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