Packed to the Scuppers

Eric wanted to tighten down some of the screws in our platform today, and I wanted to clean the interior of the van – so I thought I would take the opportunity to take everything out and photograph what we have in the van:

These pictures show almost everything we have with us – but they are missing a few things. None of my boyfriend’s clothes are in these pictures, since he keeps them on the shelves in the van and I did not want to get them dirty on the ground. (I keep my clothes in the little boxes pictured under the camp table.) Also not pictured is the cooler where we store our food. It is pretty interesting to see everything we are living with laid out in one place. Also, it is helpful to evaluate what we are using and what we can do without.

Here we are tightening screws, cleaning, and putting everything away again…


2 thoughts on “Packed to the Scuppers

  1. Hi Tess and Eric
    We’ve been following your very ambitious trip through the postings on this blog. Thankful you made it to The Motherland (Maine and New Brunswick). Head on south to warm weather. Our house is open if you venture this far south. Would love to see you. We are emptying alot of our belongings here and looking to move north; traveling your style sounds great. Drive safe,
    Aunt Marie and Uncle Cliff in Sebastian, FL


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