Eastward Bound

We have continued our trip across the country, and I am getting used to life in the van.

After leaving Yosemite, we headed west toward Nevada and Utah – straight into the deadliest rain storm in that state’s recent memory. As we were traveling along the I-80 toward Salt Lake City, we thought we might stop at the Bonneville Salt Flats to see some cars racing. Instead, we found a shallow lake spreading out across the whole salt flat. We stayed at our first hotel to get out of the weather.

Back WindowThe next day we pushed into Wyoming, where started to feel the first hint of autumn. Temperatures dropped into the 30’s at night, and I slept with a sweater and beanie on inside the van. We decided we needed to prepare for cold weather a little more, so we picked up some Reflectix which we cut to fit the front and back windscreens.  We will use suction cups to stick the Reflectix in the windows at night to trap in more warm air as we are sleeping.

After Wyoming, we headed on into Denver. It was good to catch up with family and friends for a few days. We also picked up sleeping bag liners and an extra blanket from my parents.

From Denver we continued to head east. We were a little worried that we had missed our late summer window, and that it may be quite cold by the time we reached northern Maine. So we have sped through Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. We are now outside of Detroit, and we plan cross the border into Canada tomorrow morning. Luckily the weather has actually been quite warm. We will slow down the next couple of days to take in Canada – and make our way towards Madawaska, whose sister city is Edmunston on the Canadian side.


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