The Van Plan

Up until now, I have mostly been posting information about converting our Ford Transit Connect cargo van into a camper. But of course, you don’t put all the time and effort into a creating an adventure van just to leave to leave it in the driveway… So I thought I would start sharing some of our ideas for the van as we have reached the stage where we are almost ready to actually start our van adventures.

The van plan is to take 6 months to travel and explore the world in our converted camper. Our initial goal is to travel cross-country to Madawaska, Maine. My boyfriend recently finished his PhD, and before we settle down, we want to take advantage of this transitional period as an opportunity to travel. We both love to explore, and have been planning to do something like this for a long time.

So, while I am deeply grateful for my work, my colleagues, and the opportunities I have been given to learn and grow – I have given my notice and quit my job. Today was my last day.

Tomorrow we pack up our apartment, so we can be moved out by the first of September.

Next week we hope to have the van conversion completed so we can start our travels. We are looking forward to spending some time with my parents in Denver, Colorado before continuing on to Madawaska.

Madawaska MaineWhy Madawaska, Maine? My boyfriend’s family is originally from Madawaska, and they still have a house in the area. We want to get there in the next month or so, before it gets too cold. Once we are in Madawaska we will evaluate how we liked the cross country trip and plan the next leg in our journey. Our overall approach is to allow ourselves flexibility in planning our travels – as this is radically different from anything that we have done before.


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