Adding a Platform

We have added a raised platform to interior of our van, which allows us to sleep on top and store items underneath. This blog post goes through some of the details of adding that platform.

The first step we took in building the sleeping / storage platform was to buy an inexpensive metal bed frame to fit inside the cargo area. The interior of the van is 48″ wide and 79″ long, and we were able to find a frame that matches those exact dimensions.

However, we didn’t want the frame to be jostling against the sides of the van, so decided we wanted to mount it to the bottom of the cargo space.  We got a piece of plywood to fit to the bottom of the van and drilled holes in the plywood to pass the the feet of the bed through.

We then mounted this piece of plywood to the frame of the van. The Ford Transit Connect comes with 4 D-rings to tie items to the floor of the cargo area. The D-rings are secured to the frame of the van with 2″ long bolts. We removed the D-rings and used the bolt holes to secure the piece of plywood to the cargo area.  The main advantages of this approach are that we did not have to drill additional holes into the van and this allows us to remove the entire sleeping platform when we no longer want it.

We then secured the bed frame to the feet. After that, we added another piece of plywood to the top of the bed frame to act as the actual sleeping platform. We added two hinges to this piece of plywood to allow us easier access to the items stored underneath. Finally, we added a sleeping pad on top that can be folded away when we are not using it.


4 thoughts on “Adding a Platform

  1. I’m very inspired by your van conversion. My wife and I just purchased a 2014 Transit Connect and we’re planning our own Baja adventure, beginning the first week of Sept. Regarding your platform/frame set up, would you be able to provide more pics and specs? We’d like to copy your design, as we, too, are wanting to maximize our storage areas.



  2. Your van conversion is very inspiring. My wife and I recently purchased a 2014 Ford TC and are in the midst of doing a similar conversion. We, too, are preparing for a Baja adventure before moving to San Pancho, Mexico. With regards to your platform/bed frame set-up, would you be willing to share more pics and specs? I love the idea of creating more storage space with the design that you guys created.



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