2015 Ford Transit ConnectAs we have been getting further along in the van conversion process I have found a few interesting van conversion kits. Most of the products do not seem to be available in the US – but these systems have given me some great ideas for our DIY conversion. I thought I would provide some links for others to be vanspired.

The BuddyBox

This system from Germany is comprised of several modules that are sold separately and can be attached to the floor of van. Not all of these models are available just yet – however, the designer plans a cookBuddy for food preparation, a washBuddy that has sink unit, a spaceBuddy storage unit, a pottyBuddy, and a fridgeBuddy. This seems to be a sturdy and well conceived system.


The QUQUQ is another system from Germany. This van conversion kit is comprised of a self-contained chest that is loaded into the back of a van. The mattress pad on top can be folded out into a bed, and cooking equipment can be pulled out of the chest. Because the pull out cooking equipment remains under the liftgate, it stays protected from rain and weather.

Amdro Alternative Camper

Similar to the QUQUQ, the Amdro van conversion kit is a self contained chest that is loaded into the back of a van. This unit is unique because the folding sleeping platform can also be transformed into a table and chair set-up inside the cargo area. Additionally, a tent can be fit onto the back of the liftgate. This product includes many interesting small details – like small square water jugs with pumps and window shades attached with suction cups. This system is from the UK.

Swiss Room Box

This is a self-contained chest from Switzerland. This product is interesting because it has a table that can pull out the back with telescoping legs. It also apparently comes with a shower – with a hot water heater as an add-on.

My takeaways from these kits are:

  •  It is best to have the food preparation area at the rear – so you can stand under the rear liftgate while preparing food if it is windy or raining.
  • A folding sleeping pad allows access to items stored below.
  • Europeans (especially Germans) LOVE small vans and the precise engineering that goes into a conversion kit.  However, these kits can get quite expensive – and most seem like they could be done at home with the right tools.

If you know of another conversion kit – feel free to get in touch! I am looking for good van ideas.


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