Cargo Box for the Van’s Roof Rack

We have taken another step towards getting our 2015 Transit Connect expedition-ready. Over the weekend we added a cargo box to the roof of the van. While there is definitely a lot of space on the roof of the van currently – we want to have room for surfboards and a solar panel. Therefore, we actually decided to go with a smaller Thule Sidekick.

Blueprint of roof of van

The Thule Sidekick is 25″ wide and 54″ long – meaning that it takes up almost exactly a quarter of the roof space. We primarily intend to use the cargo box to store wetsuits, free diving fins and masks, and other miscellaneous outside gear. (A friend of ours suggested storing wetsuits outside the van as they can develop a pretty funky smell…) The Thule Cargo box comes with pre-drilled holes and “U-bolts” to attach to almost any rack. Unfortunately the pre-drilled holes did not quite fit our Prime Design Alurack, so we drilled a couple additional holes into the base of the box to fit our rack configuration. Other than that, assembly and installation was very easy and took less than an hour.


3 thoughts on “Cargo Box for the Van’s Roof Rack

  1. I have read that because Sidekick is light it kind of feels flimsy, did you find that to be true? Also, you mention it was easy to install which is great but how was your experience with it overall?


    1. Overall our experience has been pretty good. Generally happy to have the smaller side kick as it takes up less space and has a lower profile. I do agree that the material is somewhat flimsy, but the upside is that it is more lightweight. Held up well throughout trip to Mexico, no issues. Continues to to be watertight. Locking mechanism took a little getting used to, but it works pretty well.


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