Simpleco Shelves for Ford Transit Connect

We are converting our Ford Transit Connect into a camper van. As I mentioned in my last post – we are trying to maximize storage while maintaining interior sleeping space. We are trying to do all this without weighing down the van too much with heavy materials.

Image of feet in van
We are able to lie in the2015 Ford Transit Connect with our feet under the Simpleco Shelving Unit

We decided that we would need an interior shelving unit for the van. In order to maintain the most space for sleeping, we decided we wanted a shelving option that would be suspended above the interior platform. The reason we don’t want shelves bolted to the platform of the van is because this would take up approximately 12 inches on the platform on each side. Because we plan on sleeping inside the van, this is precious space that we did not want to give up.

Unfortunately, as we started to look at our options, almost all of the shelving products we were seeing for the Ford Transit Connect bolted down to the platform.
After searching deep into the internet, we found that European companies offer a more diverse array of options for Ford Transit Connect shelving units.  This is likely because the Transit Connect has been the vehicle of choice for plumbers, handymen, caterers, and contractors in Europe for quite some time, and they have developed options that are specifically designed for the interior of the Ford Transit Connect. The two companies we were particularly interested in were called “Sortimo” and “Bott.”

Sortimo has a shelving unit called the “Simpleco” that attaches to the ceiling and the walls of the van without being bolted to the platform. The unit is made of heavy duty plastic (instead of steel) which keeps the weight of the van light to maintain fuel efficiency.

Image of Simpleco shelves by Sortie
Simpleco shelves by Sortimo

We made a few calls, and found out that Simpleco does have limited distribution in the US through a company called Knapheide. We got in touch directly with Knapheide – and they told us that while they had sold out on most of the Simpleco shelving units, they did have a few left, and they were able to ship the shelves to us in California.

While we were able to assemble the shelves ourselves, we did have to take them to an auto body shop for installation. We found a good shop in town, and we were able to get the shelves installed in time for my birthday!

2 thoughts on “Simpleco Shelves for Ford Transit Connect

  1. Nice blog dudes and dudettes! Are we going with the largescale mural and custom port hole shaped windows Send me a postcard from some random place along way there, giddy up


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