Maximizing Van Storage

The most important consideration for our DIY conversion of our 2015 Ford Transit Connect Van is: How do we maximize storage?  We decided we would have to think very carefully and deliberately about what exactly we will want to store, and then design the storage to make sure there is space for those things to be incorporated.

Blueprint of 2015 Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect van has 128.6 cubic feet of interior cargo space. We chose the Long Wheel Base version of the Transit Connect because the cargo floor is 77″ long and 48″ wide. (See the interior specs here.) We are both a few inches over 6′ – which means it has just enough room for both of us to lay down fully. From the very beginning we decided it was crucial that we design storage around the sleeping space to preserve as much room for sleeping as much as possible.

We also decided that it was crucial that everything be as lightweight as possible. At 30 MPG highway, the Transit Connect gets pretty good gas mileage. We want to maintain good gas mileage, so we decided that we will prioritize finding lightweight storage solutions. Wood shelving can become extremely heavy – so we have decided that an all wood interior probably will not be the best option. We will be looking for lightweight options where possible – such as aluminum and plastic.

This means that really the most important question for our van conversion is: How do we maximize storage, while maintaining interior sleeping space and without using heavy materials?

Those principles have led us 3 main storage solutions:

  • A raised platform with storage underneath
  • A shelving unit attached to the wall and roof of the van
  • A cargo box on the roof rack

We will be putting together those storage options in the next few weeks, and I will update as we get those projects completed.


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