Racking it up

Earlier this week we installed a roof rack on our 2015 Ford Transit Connect. We purchased a Prime Design Alurack online, and installed it ourselves. We chose this rack because:

  • The van is relatively small, and we will need to store items on the roof when we are sleeping inside and going on longer trips.
  • The rack has a “basket” design that allows for a variety of ways to carry cargo.
  • It is lightweight aluminum and aerodynamically designed, so it will not kill gas mileage.
  • The rack is made specifically for the 2015 Ford Transit Connect, which meant that it could be installed without drilling holes in the roof. Following the instructions provided, we installed the rack ourselves with a minimum number of tools, securing the bolts into the existing tie-in-points points and channels on the van.

The rack completes the camouflage of the van as a trade vehicle – allowing us to drive inconspicuously onto whatever job site we so desire. 😉


3 thoughts on “Racking it up

    1. lol – eric and i will probably need to have a heart to heart on that one…i feel like the van will be an MPU when it is finished…!


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